Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On the Bikepath....Leon the Lion

Effortless personal style. Where do I begin...the glasses, the scarf, the stripe sweater, the bag, the military cargos, the sneakers... the bike... He is just serious from head to toe, but easy, effortless. Like a lion in the jungle, cool just comes naturally.

this sneaker is just ridiculous

On the Bikepath....Portrait of an Artist

the Artist

Notice her personal style even extends to her collection of tools

On the Bikepath.... Man about Town


Great casual fall style

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Bikepath.... The flying suit

The Flying suit

This well dressed gentleman was in an extreme
hurry, as he crossed the Brooklyn bridge.
He did not have time to stop, so I captured
his suited style in motion.

On the Bikepath.... Eclectic style: part 2

Sally was the second eclectic vision that I spotted
right after Claude-Noelle. She conveys a wonderful
sense of individual style from her head wrap to
her boots to her bag. She not only has a great sense of
style, but also a great sense of humor. Looking at
my basic digital point and click camera model, she teased
me, asking "When was I going to get a real camera." as
she rode away.

On the Bikepath.... Eclectic style: part 1


Eclectic style rooted in accessory coordination.
Glasses, hairclip, earrings, scarf.... Even how she ties
the scarf conveys her style.

On the Bikepath....Davin the dude


Great sporty, relaxed, collegiate look with attention to detail.
Note: the canvas shoes, shoulder bag and watch.

Friday, October 10, 2008

On the Bikepath.... Brooklyn Circus does it again

The Brooklyn Circus is always on point, and here is just another example of their pitch perfect sartorial style. You guys inspire me.


On the Bikepath....Cool Jack, Real Cool


On the Bikepath.... A gilded, golden vision


On the Bikepath.... A little Paris in New York


On the Bikepath.... Blazer, Boots and Bike


Thursday, October 9, 2008

On the Bikepath....Sophisticated ease


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OSLOH goes to INTERBIKE 2008 Part 3 : The Momentum Magazine Urban Legends fashion show


Osloh blazer, tee and jean

Osloh Blazer, woven shirt and trouser

Christine taking in the show

Above are just a few images from the show. For complete coverage of the show go to:www.momentumplanet.com/news/urban-legend-fashion-show-video-and-catalog

I would like to congratulate The Momentum Magazine Team for creating a spectacular event.

OSLOH ... enjoy the ride

Sunday, October 5, 2008

OSLOH goes to INTERBIKE 2008 Part 2 : The Show and The People

Interbike 2008. We saw some great product, and met some even better people. Here is just a small taste.
OSLOH...enjoy the ride.

Our first stop was the MOMENTUM MAGAZINE booth. Where we met "The impresario" - Publisher Amy Walker and her right hand, Associate Publisher Tania Lo. These ladies and the job they do with MOMENTUM MAGAZINE is amazing. I urge everyone who rides, to log onto their site,
and subscribe to the magazine.

These old school "High Wheelers" were a beauty to behold.

This copper plated fixie attracted a crowd wherever it rolled. Ed's bikes AKA La Suprema is the wonderful artisan responsible for this striking creation. www.edsbikes.us

A nice Garneau commuter with snazzy accessories.

The Masi "Soulville"... a real clean whip.

The Ortlieb bags are phenomenal, the perfect durable bag for a Brooklyn commuter. Jeff Scully, Ortlieb's president is a real pleasure to work with.

Osloh's own business maven, Christine.

Pashley Cycles are a classicist's dream. These bikes are truly timeless machines that can be passed from generation to generation. Lindsey Kohrt is the lovely former New Yorker, who runs Belmont Distribution, The authorized US distributor for the Pashleys.

The Civia bikes are classy machines, due in part to the wood and metal racks that are a clear tribute to Joseph Ahearne's custom works of art www.ahearnecycles.com . In addition to great bikes, Civia also introduced GREENLIGHT. It is an amazing online biking forum for commuters. It can be found at www.civiacycles.com

Brooks...the King of Saddles.

Michael and the crew from KNOG, what a great bunch of guys.

Next stop ... Part 3. The Urban Legends Fashion Show.

Friday, October 3, 2008

OSLOH goes to INTERBIKE 2008 Part 1 : Brooklyn to Vegas

It is fitting that OSLOH, as a company begins its journey by heading on the road. We start in Brooklyn.

OSLOH...enjoy the ride.

And wind up in Las Vegas!

In a room with a view...

Next stop... The Show